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Lets set the scene here, you just purchased a new boat, you know very little about this boat except that it cost a lot and is very different than your last boat. There are new things to learn and the dealer's rep gave you ZERO knowledge about the boat, it was left to be desired or you were so excited that you only remember half or less of what the guy that delivered the boat to you said...

​Let me help you with my knowledge that I got trough the years with a few boat companies like the Bayliner, Sea Ray, Carver, Azimut, Chaparral, Baja, Meridian, Regal and lots more.

​This ever present need to explain boating is the basis of this company. I saw a big flaw in 2003, working on the docks in the Port d'Escale of Montreal. I then, offer this service to Performance Marine from 2004 till 2008.

​You want to purchase a boat and want good tips, I can add up my suggestions to ease your choice and get a vessel that will suits your needs...



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